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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Gettin in the Groove

Oh boy, where to begin?
I'm such a terrible blogger. I was going to blog about my awful experience at Target today, but I'll save you the details. Let's just say it involved a HORRIBLE diaper, and having to go to the baby aisle to buy some new socks! Thank God for cell phones, big brothers, and husbands!

I've been back to work (from maternity leave) for 3 weeks now. I must say, it has been much easier this go round than it was with Jaxon. For starters I got to take 3 months off which was extremely nice. I think the other thing that makes it easier going back to work is that I can see my babies any 'ol time I want! The daycare has web cams! I LOVE it. I absolutely love the ladies that care for my sweet baby girl. They do a fantastic job and Lillian has adjusted nicely to daycare. I also enjoy watching Jaxon. He cracks me up! I love watching his class and watching him learn new things.

I was worried about going back to work with a new baby given that I commute much farther now than I did when Jaxon was small. Lillian has made it so easy. She is a GREAT baby! She goes to bed around 7pm every night and wakes between 2-3am for a bottle, then immediately goes right back to sleep. My alarm goes off at 5am and I leave for Dallas at around 5:45am. My company recently moved locations. I was terrified thinking about my new route as it would involve 635, and I've NEVER been a fan of that highway. Since I leave so early in the morning's it's really not bad at all. Coming home, I take Loop 12 to the Dallas North Tollway, to George Bush, to I35. I get to the daycare right at 5pm everyday, so it's not bad at all. We have adjusted nicely back into our normal routine. I get dinner started, wash bottles, and of course Jason comes home and helps get stuff ready for the next day. He drops the kids off in the mornings, so making sure that EVERYTHING is done the night before helps him to have a stress free morning. It's funny how much of a team effort raising a family is. My mom was a single mom and I still have no idea how she did it. I rely SO much on husband, and couldn't do it without him!

Moving on....
I've taken up knitting! Loom knitting that is! I love it! So far, I've learned to make hats and scarves. I've become so enthused with it that I've found myself clipping the Michael's coupons so I can buy more yarn! I think I just really love that I have finally found a hobby. I've always wanted to do something crafty, but just hadn't found my nitch. (Scrapbooking was a big waste of money! Don't get my husband started!) Anyway, I've made several scarves for friends and several baby hats for all my friends who have had sweet new babies this year.

Wednesday night bible study has started back up at our church. I contimplated signing up because of Lillian. I just didn't think that I would be able to leave work, pick up the kids, feed them, and make it to church on time, but when my friend Marissa said she would like to attend the class I made a way! "Read the Bible for Life" is the name of the class we are taking and this past week was our first session. I took both kids with me, but moving forward Jason is going to come home early so he can keep Lilli. She goes to bed at 7pm so there is just no sense in me taking her up there. Jaxon however, loves it! I'm so thrilled that my friend is joining me at church. I really, really love our church and our church family and couldn't imagine doing life without them.

Friday, December 23, 2011


October 21st, 2011 we welcomed our sweet Lillian Kate into the world. God has blessed us with more than we certainly deserve.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Visit from my Momma!

I've broken my promise to blog every day for the month of July. I should have known better than to say I could do something like that. I'm just too busy! Also, I stated in my previous blog that my next non random blog would be about my in laws, well I'm not doing that just quite yet.....please forgive me.

My Dad took on a new job in NC which had him travel to TX this week. He flew my Mom down Friday night and it just so happened that my Grandparents were going to be in the DFW area for a Rotary meeting the same weekend. They all stayed at the same hotel near the airport. Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to see see my Mom. My Dad and Grandpa were going to spend the morning at the Rotary meeting and my Grandma was going to rest as she was not feeling well. We met my Mom in the hotel lobby and Jaxon ran up and gave her a BIG hug! She gave him gifts of course! She gave him a spiderman blanket, a spiderman beach towel, and Captain America pajama's. (My child LOVES super hero's!) We decided to do a little shopping while my Dad and Grandad were at their meeting. Mom bought baby Lillian some sweet pj's and an outfit, and some cute socks. We took Jaxon to the Build A Bear store and let him make Lillian a bunny so that he can give it to her when she gets here. He loved that! Once we wore ourselves out shopping we headed back to the hotel and sat in the lobby and visited until our dinner date with the Connolly Family at Rio Mambo. Jaxon entertained the hotel desk clerk by singing her Justin Bieber songs. She thought his performances were so great that she baked him some cookies and even asked him for his autograph! He was a hoot! We had a really nice time catching up and laughing then headed out to dinner. I so enjoyed getting to see everyone and catching up. Sunday morning before everyone headed back home we took my family to brunch at the Original Pancake house. It was a short visit, but a good one. The next time I see my mom Lillian will be here!!!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Seven, Seven, Twenty Eleven

I started the Left Behind series. Some folks were talking about them at work so I thought I'd see what they were all about.

Only my left foot swells. It's really odd. When I was pregnant with Jaxon both of my feet swelled really bad. With Lillian, just my left. Her movements are also WAY different than Jaxon's were.

Several of my friends are going through some stuff. I hope they know I'm praying for them.

My next non random blog will be about my inlaws.

Traffic was awful today!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

In case you didn't know....

I'm not sure if I made it known or not, but I set a goal to try and blog every single day the entire month of July.

I am almost 6 months pregnant!!! (Saturday to be exact) I got a CUTE little pajama outfit from a dear friend today and I can't stop looking at it. It's the first outfit that Lillian has received and it is just so precious!

My parents are flying in this weekend from NC and I could not be more excited! My Mom never got to see me pregnant with Jaxon, so I'm excited for her to get to see my big 'ol belly! She will be back for two weeks when Lillian is born to help me, and I'm super excited about that too!

On an unrelated note, my child is awesome. He is so sweet and funny and I still have no idea how I got blessed with the EXACT boy of my dreams. He is excited to meet his new baby sister and I just know he is going to be such a great big brother =)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Today the verdict of the Casey Anthony case was announced, and it literally made me sick to my stomach. I couldn't stop thinking about it once I had read it around lunch time today. I will never ever understand how she got away with murdering her sweet baby girl.

The post that I had originally wanted to write about is irrelevant.
RIP sweet Caylee.

4th of July

We had a wonderful Independence Day and hope that you all did too!

We took Jaxon to see Cars 2 and of course he loved it! Later, we let Jaxon stay up past his bedtime (and mine too!) to go see the fireworks in Lake Dallas. It was a great show, and we literally sat right underneath them.

We are now in the decorating process of Lillian's room and it is looking so wonderful. It has finally sunk in that we are really having a girl and I cannot wait to meet her!!!!